Monday, November 15, 2010

Victoria Victoria

I love Victoria's Secret.
That being said, if you are already uncomfortable with this topic, just skip this post.  It's not an update of sorts nor does it contain vital information about my well-being or mi marido or bebe.
Moving on...
So I love Victoria's Secret.  Most teenage girls end up buying something from them by the time they are 20.
Note that I said MOST, not all, because I realize that there are some women who don't want to spend that much on a bra.
So why do I love VS and all she has to offer?
I like color.  Lots of it.  I like good quality and I've always been satisfied by the quality of VS products.  
It's the clothes that really do it for me though.
I love that the pants come in a variety of lengths so I don't have to worry about hemming every single pair of pants that I own or worry about ruining the ends of my pants by walking all over them.  I love the way the fabric feels and that the majority of the styles come in a variety of colors.  I love that there is free return shipping.  Their sales are FANTASTIC!  And as a card bearing VIP member (yes I have a black card and no, I'm not proud of how much debt I got into to get that stupid card...NOTE I AM DEBT FREE NOW AND LESSON IS LEARNED THOUGH...stupid college aged thought that building credit with a VS store card was a good idea...who knew it could add up so FAST?!), I love the rewards program.  No I can't trade it in for miles but as a lady, I'm happy to use it to buy more clothes, shoes, makeup, body products, etc.  I love their festive clothing lines that go with the holidays.  I love their dresses (the dress from the night of my wedding is from VS) and their tops are so flattering on me!  I have a weird body type so sometimes, it's difficult for me to find things that aren't too short on top or too long on the bottom.
So...umm...long story short, I love VS.
My main gripe right now:
they don't have a maternity line.

Queenie says it's probably because they don't think pregnancy is sexy.


And that would be the end of my thoughts.

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