Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tsk tsk Amazon (hot topic and you may want to skip if you are under 18)

Have you read about this?

I just read about this on one of the pregnancy forum's that I follow.
I'm disappointed that the owners of Amazon didn't think this through.
Although I understand that some say it would be considered censorship for Amazon to not sell the book, their guidelines state that they will not sell a book if it breaks guidelines for digital publication, including titles that lead to illegal activity.

If that is the case, doesn't it seem that encouraging a pedophile to not "penetrate" a child but stick to fondling and kissing is encouraging illegal activity?
I'm fairly certain that it is still considered carnal knowledge of a minor if a pedophile fondles a child.
Tsk Tsk Amazon.
Tsk tsk.
*Author's note: Amazon has removed the title from sale at this point.

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