Saturday, February 26, 2011


I realized earlier today that I haven't really posted an update on her lately.  I promise my personal life hasn't just completely dropped off the map.  So here is an update of our lives lately:

  • Eric has gotten a new job!  He's started working for a firm as a clerk and in the course of the next few months, he'll transition into a full time associate attorney handling immigration law cases.  It's a HUGE, I mean, GARGANTUAN opportunity for him.  Aside from the financial aspect of this position, I think it will really open up some doors for him.  Plus, his office is just a few blocks from mine so we might be able to sneak in a lunch together every now and then.  
  • Kaya is doing well.  We finally figured out how to get the trimmer to behave and gave her a trim that was DESPERATELY needed.  It's not the most adorable cut she's ever gotten but for an at-home do, it'll do (haha).
  • Mini Lee is progressing very well.  The kicking is something I'm going to have to get used it.  It still surprises me and it tickles to an extent as well.  We'll find out the sex of Mini Lee on March 7, however, several people have told me recently that it's a boy based on the way I'm carrying.  I love having that validation from people even if they don't have an MD following their name.
  • I got my hair cut this morning.  I know I know...I was going to donate to Locks of Love this year.  But my hair has not been doing well lately and it's possible that the products I've been using have been zapping it dry...or more dry than it is already.  Ugh.  Seriously.  My hair was so desperate for a cut that the ends she cut off were a DIFFERENT color from the rest of my hair.  And before you start assuming it's from hair dye, my hair hasn't been touched by hair dye in over three years.  And when it was, it was an almost black color.  It's a little shorter than I would have liked it but I'm relieved to have less weight on my head and that my hair actually feels healthy.  Sammy was awesome and really knew her stuff!  It was like being in Steel Magnolias; her salon is in her home and everyone there is friends and hangs out together outside of the salon.  Love it!
Other than that, everything is pretty much the same moving along smoothly.  We're still happy as clams here and have started to meet more people in the area.  Hopefully, we'll start developing some deeper friendships soon.  


It's currently 2:09 am.  Yes, you read that right.  A.M.  No, I haven't been out partying all night and nor did I drink a bunch of caffeine (although coffee sounds good right now).  I just can't sleep.  This has become almost a weekly occurrence now and from talking to friends and doing research, it's common for second trimester pregnancy and may get worse in the third.  

I'm ecstatic about this news.


Since I'm stuck awake at such a ridiculous hour, I figured I would entertain you by sharing some of the things that are keeping me entertained.

Side note: reading that statement above, I find it humorous that four years ago, staying up to 2 am by choice was almost a weekly occurrence.  Alcohol?  No, there wasn't much alcohol involved.


I really shouldn't be posting this late.

Moving on...
Fun things on the internets!
I came across this site in my reader and, for the fun of it, designed about 8 different duvet covers that I would get.  Mi marido has issues with duvet covers though; he doesn't like that the duvet shifts in the cover.  So much for that gorgeous aqua silk duvet cover that I bought two years ago.  *le sigh*  Anyway, this site is super easy to use, there are tons of patterns to choose from, and let's face it: if you have a tickle in your fancy to decorate your room YOUR way (insert foot stomp) then this may be just the option for you!  Curbly did a post on it which was how I found such entertainment.  Here's their link to the post so you can see what they came up with!  So fun!

 Tell me you don't want to move your entire living space onto this couch.  And if you say you don't, I realize that you are lying to yourself to avoid spending the cash on it.  We are all about comfort.  I don't buy clothes or shoes that aren't comfortable (okay the shoes part isn't entirely true because heels aren't a woman's best friend) and we like for furniture to kind of coddle your body.  That's probably why I'm not a big fan of leather furniture (unless it's an ottoman); well, that, and I grew up in the south and in the summer, who wants to sit on leather?!  Gross.  Back to this lovely couch though...I think the downside of this couch would be I would have to quit my job or risk getting fired.  Who would ever want to leave this couch?  The cushions on the end wrap so you can prop yourself up!  Perfect reading position for a bookworm like me!
One day, I will own a really nice camera.  Hopefully, that day will be sooner rather than later but I can only hope.  Speaking of cameras, runs weekly photo challenges and does tutorials on their website to help others become better at photography and editing.  The challenges are fun and really interesting so if you are a budding photographer or aspire to be a budding photographer or are just camera happy, you should check it out!

I love this song.  Seriously love it.  I just watched the video for the first time and it's pretty good as well.  

Off to find something else to do...sleep well!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love me do...

I realized today that I have a tendency to attach food/drink to memories of people.

Yeah, so I'm addicted to food.  What of it?

As I was saying...

The people who have played important roles in my life at some time or another have distinct memories attached to them.  The majority of these memories involve food or beverages.  

My grandmother made the best root beer floats.  I can't tell you why they were the best and it's possible that it was more of my love and fondness for her that made them the best.  But to this day, A&W Root Beer is my favorite root beer (suck it, Barq's) and always reminds me of her.

My mom's homemade lasagna...I seriously still crave it.  Both of my parents are amazing in the kitchen.  No one's gumbo compares to my dad's and his barbeque...I drool at the thought.  

My first love made me an incredible dinner from scratch for valentine's day.  Impressive for a junior in high school to pull off.  That meal included chicken alfredo, caeser salad, and pumpkin pie.

My two girlfriends, Char and Cas...a good glass of red wine reminds me of them especially if there are fruity notes in the wine.

Jenanen...we had an incredible meal of sushi one night and took the time to describe each role as eloquently as possible.  Of course, many of those descriptions were inappropriate for other people to hear so we giggled like teenagers.

Cc's coffee always reminds me of Jackson and the many hours we spent there together.
Spala and I used to have our dates at Macaroni Grill, consuming more calories than is approved for one day.  But when you are with your girlfriends, who cares?
Baby belly!!!!

Mi this point, which memory do I go with?  That first birthday dinner at the wine tasting?  His unbelievable white chocolate bread pudding?  ( would pay for would).  Scarfing down Izzo's Burritos (we are still desperately searching for something remotely comparable here to no avail).  His delicious homemade spaghetti (he taught me how to make it...sad that I'd never made spaghetti before, I know).  Or, more recently, Reese's peanut butter and sparkling grape juice (my Valentine's Day surprise from him).

I look forward to all of the fond memories we'll make it together.  And all the delicious meals.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (belated)

We were best friends.  Although I had guy friends before who were best friends, closer to me than most of my female friends, he quickly became my go to.  Anything that made me laugh made me want to text or call him.  Once I realized that I had "feelings" for him and that I didn't just like him but I LIKE LIKED him, I started to get worried.  I'd been burned by confessing feelings for guy friends in the past so I really had no idea how to proceed.

That summer, I went to several of his soccer games.  I loved watching him play although honestly, I'm not a huge fan of watching soccer.  I find it boring.  Like tennis.  Back and forth.  But watching him was fun.
At one particular day in July, he kicked a goal.  It was like one of those disgustingly sappy Lifetime Movie moments; the sun was shining and everything suddenly went into slow motion as he jumped and started cheering.
All I could think was:
"Fuck.  I'm in love with my best friend."
Our birthdays are two days apart.  Two weeks before, he informed me that he had a surprise for me.  (Sidenote: We are TERRIBLE at keeping secrets/surprises from each other.  It's a problem).  He told me that I would need a red pen for the event he was taking me too.  When I asked for hints, they were all incredibly vague.
"It's something that you've wanted to do for a long time."
"It's at night."
Useless information really.  He told me to dress up really nice for the "event".  He showed up at my condo on the specified night.  As we were driving to the location, he asked if I had remembered the red pen.  Or course, I hadn't.  He pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and told me to come in with him.  Rather than head towards the pen section, he headed towards the wine section.  
Long story short: we were there for a special wine tasting.  I had wanted to attend a wine tasting for a long time.
 There was a moment that night when we looked at each other and just smiled.
I knew then.
 I've never been happier.
I love my valentine, mi marido, mi amour.
Happy Valentine's Day.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Google Reader

I love my Google Reader.

I think that needs to be stated.  

Even though, I'm about 99% positive that if you've read my blog before, you are well aware that this love affair I have with my Reader borders on addiction.

For someone with an addictive personality though, you have to admit, it's not an incredibly unhealthy addiction to have.


It occurred to me this week that the baby will be here in less than 6 months.  And given that I work full time and, after the baby is born, I'm planning on throwing on a cape, and becoming Super Mom, I realized that having a Google Reader that is constantly showing 1000+ items is going to slow me down quite a bit.  Or get so overwhelming that I completely do away with it.  

So I made a very big decision.

I deleted some blogs.

Shocking, I know.

My list of blogs in Reader is now down to roughly 190 blogs.  I know that still seems like a bit much (here is the addiction rationalizing now and I recognize that) however, many of these blogs post once a week, sometimes even less.  

Back off, okay?  I do realize the whole thing is ridiculous.

Alas, one day, I hope to be at 150.  But for the time being, 190 seems like a safe number to start at.  

Goodbye, blogs.  Keep up the posting and maybe one day, I'll return. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspiration: Julia Child (Meryl Streep)

I'm watching Julie and Julia for the second time and, of course, I'm completely inspired.

image from
I'm unsure as to who is the true inspiration in this movie.  Is it the character or the actress portraying the character?  Although, let's face it, who doesn't love Meryl and who doesn't love her acting skills (which are impeccable)?

However, let's focus on Julia Child for this post.

I couldn't help but laugh when she explains to Amos in the movie that she prefers shopping for food rather than clothes.  I believe I came to that same revelation about two years ago.  I had that revelation while I was in Whole Foods.  Living near Town Center was difficult.  You would think with all of the clothing stores in that area, that would be the draw for me.  But that was not what drew me there.  Whole Foods was like a siren.  Driving past was like placing a glass of 20 year old aged scotch in front of an alcoholic.  I can remember days when I had to talk myself out of turning into the parking lot.  
"No not today.  If you don't go for another two weeks, you can go when you get paid again."
"But it'll just be for a minute"
"No it won't.  It's never just for a minute.  And you don't have two hours to spend."

When we had our regular girls' night, I would use that an excuse to go to Whole Foods.  So I was guaranteed at least one day a month when I knew I'd get to go.  I would stop by on my way home from work to pick out wine and pick up goat cheese.

I'm getting off topic...

It wasn't necessarily just the wine and goat cheese that drug me there repeatedly.  And it wasn't just the fact that it was Whole Foods.  It was the food.  All of it.  If I allowed myself, at any grocery store (alright not any because I can't stand WalMartsy), I would probably spend two hours.  Just...looking.  But particularly in stores that have elaborate selections.  Cheese and meat sections are particularly dangerous.

Whereas with clothing stores, I get impatient.  I get bored.  You buy an article of clothing that looked great in the department store mirror (which I swear is lit a certain way to make you look great in it and is bent in a way to make you look ten pounds thinner than you are) but then when you get home, it's just...meh.  Then what?  You can return it to the store or just wear it and hope that a nice accessory will dress it up and hide the fact that you don't feel fabulous.

But you have the glory of mixing and mashing and adding and decreasing and simmering and a hundred other options to jazz it up.  Let's take a simple steak.  The options are a hundred times over and can be dressed up or down in a fashion that teases the tastebuds.  
image from
It's the possibilities and, as usual, the "creating something out of nothing" that makes food so irresistible.  

And trust me, this love affair with food started before the pregnancy.  And I am definitely not complaining about the increased hunger.

So, I love Julia Child.  She is one of my favorite chefs.

And in short, I love food.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


After reviewing my reader to determine which category to feature next, I realized that there wasn't a category I wanted to talk about as much as I enjoyed talking about crafts and food.  Those are two of my favorite hobbies and typically, when I have free time, I spend it doing one or the other.
I've mentioned it before but there's something about creating something with my hands.

Creating something out of nothing.

  So, whether it's making king cakes (above) or crocheting a sweater (a side project right now), those seem to be my two favorite topics.

The decision has pretty much been made at this point.  The blog will start to focus more on my crafts and my cooking.  Yay!
I'll post an update soon that relates my lessons learned while making manicotti.
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