Monday, September 20, 2010

Italics and Roxanne

I feel like this post deserves italics.  So bear with me as I get a little fancified this evening.
And I'll obviously be making up words as well, so...yeah.

I'm currently sitting in bed.  Yes, I know, it's blasphemy to all you Saints fans that I'm not watching the game.  You'll just have to deal with the fact that I'm not watching every game.  I have a hard time watching games on the computer and as long as mi marido is comfortable doing that, we don't have to get cable, which would add yet another bill for us to pay for.  

Onward then...

So, I'm in bed listening to the Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge, wishing that I knew that entire dance sequence.  I'm fairly certain that when (notice...when NOT if) I learn how to tango, I'm really going to be awesome at it.  Hopefully, I can find a partner who is willing to learn this sequence with me.  Mi marido is not really partial to dances such as the tango, and the waltz.  He much prefers swing dancing (either east or west) which is fine because he's really good at both.  

I've got my red wine which to those of you who were in our wedding party, will be glad to know it's the Elvis bottle of wine that you guys signed (thanks!).  At first sip, it was not a very good Cab.  However, I'm learning to be patient with my wine and allow the bottles time to breathe before I dive in.  I must say that the Elvis cabernet has turned out to be surprisingly yummy.

Other than these small things, there isn't much to report on the homefront.  I made hummus for the first time today.  And it was...well, hummus.  It wasn't the best hummus I've ever had but for what it was, I was happy.  We ate it with the pita bread that I made yesterday, of which there is only one piece left.

I applied to a few different jobs today.  Hopefully, I'll hear back from one of them.  All of the positions I've applied to so far have had the same response:
"Thanks for your resume and application however, you didn't qualify for an interview.  We'll keep you in our database."


Sorry for the skepticism but I've heard enough about companies "databases" and exactly how well that works out for job seekers.  

In other news...

New studies show that exercise doesn't really help you lose weight that well.  
Great so the x amount of miles that I've put on the treadmill in the last week is for ...?  Turns out, it's really about consuming.  Reason?  Well there's several but the one I found most interesting is that for many people, once they've exercised, they tend to "treat" themselves. For argument's sake, let's say that I burned 250 calories on the treadmill in an afternoon.  If, like most people, I think "hey, I can have a couple of cookies after dinner for dessert, or (insert whatever your treat would be) because I worked out so hard, I've essentially just made that entire workout null and void.

However, I think that this study kind of leaves out an important part of personal training.  It's recommended by many to keep a food journal.  I'm going to do a plug for really quick only because I like their site and I have used it.  I like that I can plug in my exercise for the day and the food that I've consumed as well and see exactly what balances out.  So rather than try and eat 3500 calories less a week (that would be depleting your calorie consumption by about 500 every day and sorry but I just enjoy food WAY too much for that), why not skip the dessert every night except for whatever your "cheat" day is and work out for about an hour?  

I think I just talked in a circle though...oh well.

I'm reading What Color is Your Parachute.  The guy who built my cat a cat house (long story) suggested it to me about 3.5-4 years ago and I'm only now taking him up on the advice (granted, I purchased the book this past spring).  I honestly wish I had read this in college (NOTE TO PARENTS/ADULTS/COLLEGE STUDENTS/hell anyone who can read a book: if you are struggling with the "career" aspect of your life, I recommend this book.  Or if you just need to refocus/regroup, I recommend this book.  Or if you'd like a good nonfiction book to read, I recommend this book.)  I can honestly say that if I had read this book in college, I wouldn't have gotten a degree in religious studies (then again, if I knew what I knew now back in college, I wouldn't have gotten a degree in religious studies).  

Side note: I am scratching at the walls to go back to college.

Onward then...

The book is definitely an eye opening experience.  It's helped me brainstorm ideas for the job hunt but also brainstorm ideas for different types of work that I can be doing.  Hopefully something will work out soon.  I've got a running list on the different positions to look for at this point (although I think if Luke had his way, I'd be working for Google by now).  

Side note: I may be published soon on Psych Central's website.  I'll keep you guys posted.

On that final note, I'm going to go off and continue working on a project.  

Onward then.

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