Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy Vitamins

So I have a question.  Why is it that when a woman is pregnant, one of the first questions is:

Are you taking prenatal vitamins?

Research has shown that taking enough of certain vitamins has helped to ward off conditions such as spina bifida.  And as a mommy-to-be (or mommy in training), making sure that our bundle of joy gets everything s/he needs while they are growing is uber important to me. 

After watching Food Matters, however, I'm starting to wonder why for pretty much everyone involved or affected by a pregnancy (be it a sister of the expectant mother or the doctor in charge of her care) this vitamin intake is so important during this time but not as much so at every other point in a person's life?

For instance, we know that Vitamin C boosts the immune system but how many people do you know that actually make the effort to get CLOSE to what they "should" take in one day?  And why is it that when someone gets sick, rather than ask about their diet and environment, many doctors just try to determine which category of illness do they fall into?  And for the doctors that may stumble across this and read it (although I doubt there are any) and feel that their toes are being stepped on, might I ask that you please forgive me for not being your patient and having your wonderful care? After having mishaps and misdiagnoses with doctors (and having family and friends undergo the same type of trauma), you have to understand why I may have a bit of cynicism. 

Moving on...

After watching the continuous climb of cancer, diabetes, and a slew of other diseases and conditions, doesn't it make you wonder where the change will come from?  There are numerous miracle drugs on the market already.  Personally, I wonder how much the medical industry has really been affected by capitalism.  I could get on a rant about pharmaceutical companies but I'm certain that you have all heard it before somewhere else.  But the capitalism effect is one worth thinking about. 

And of course, with the thought that I'm bringing a child into the world, my instant reaction is to protect this child from any form of harm, whether it's some kind of accident (God forbid) or diabetes or cancer.  I am doubtful of medications most of the time when I have found in my personal experience and others' experiences that eating lots of vitamins and nutrients can actually change the situation.  For instance, there are plenty of women who have been diagnosed with PCOS who have found that by just adjusting their diet, eating more fruits and vegetables in their natural form and doing some exercise their symptoms dissipate.  Or how about diabetes?

I feel like I'm getting side tracked though (stupid pregnancy mind scramble).

I'm not certain what the whole point of this ramble is.  But I know that for me, I think a change is coming very soon.  I'm proud to say that my diet is very good right now (except when I get cravings for french fries) but I feel as though there is definite room for improvement.  The change isn't just for me though; the change is for my baby, and for the future of our family. 

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  1. Excellent points. You might make me actually start taking my vitamins and calcium supplements.

    On your comment about PCOS, my friend Amber has that as well as a host of other issues. She was overweight, but eating healthily and exercising and not losing weight. Her new doctor suggested she take idodine supplements (I forget why -- something about her body was processing it too quickly), and now she's lost 103 pounds in less than a year.


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