Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm a plethora of adjectives

Almost everything is packed up.
Which means this entry is being done on my iPhone.
The computers are packed away along with everything else.
Fact: we have more "things" for our kitchen than for our bedroom and bathroom combined. There are three stacks of boxes for the kitchen that are almost as tall as the ceiling.
How in the world do we have so much stuff for the kitchen?

I don't think it's really hit either of us that we are moving. I have been feeling pretty stressed today because it seemed like we had a lot to get done. Now that everything is done, I keep thinking there is more to do.

I'll be posting sporadically over the next few days.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curbly Inspiration

As I opened my reader to catch up, this was the first picture that greeted me:
This is a chalk message board from curbly.  Here's the original post:

Curbly Post of Chalk Message Board

How adorable is this?  I kind of want to make a whole wall of these but rather than have JUST chalk message boards, put a cork board in one, mail slots on another, paintings on the rest of them. 


It's come to this...

Convo with the husband a couple of weeks ago:

Scehduled for 2nd day air
should be early next week I think

I almost peed on myself!
did they already ship to fort worth?
or is that where they started?

Him: they got an origination scan in Fort Worth this morning
so they're starting from there

me: YAY!!!!!!!
oh dear god
my heart is racing

In other words, we've joined the geekfest.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun with MiPhone

we broke down and got iPhones.

I know I know I know.

But now that we have them, let's have a little fun!

Luckily, I have several friends who have iPhones so I instantly went to them to find out what applications I should add on mine so that I could include at least one more thing on my list of addictions.

Sally's Spa (this app was deleted last night...because I beat the game in a week)
Google reader (come on, you had to see that coming)
Words with Friends

those just name a few.

one app that I added to help with my food journaling is MyFitnessPal.  I like it so far.  It created a caloric intake that I should have daily based off of my current weight, my lifestyle (sedentary at the moment) and my goal weight.  So my daily goal should be 1290.  Doable. 

*for those who are freaking out because of the low calorie intake, keep in mind, this is based off of the assumption that I sit at a desk all day and do no physical activity when I get home, which is what has been the deal recently (excluding packing and cleaning)*

What I love is that it gives a nutritional breakdown, i.e. sugar, protein, iron, sodium, etc.

However, I reached my sodium intake as soon as I finished my lunch (excluding the poison coke that I drank).  Shocking I think.  I didn't realize that I consumed that much sodium daily. 

But it's a good thing that I'm looking at that because that's definitely something that mi marido and I have been looking at.  Healthy lifestyle and blah blah blah and all. 

More soon with Fun with MiPhone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Procrastination? I think not.

The big move is in one week.  
Amazingly, we haven't procrastinated as much on the packing as I thought we would.
The only things left to pack are:
  • half of the bedroom closet
  • half of the kitchen
  • bathroom
And honestly, there's not much left of any of those.  We'll probably finish up the packing tomorrow and then I'll work on the clean up.  

Just glad that we have renters.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Google Reader can't count past 1000.

That's right, all you Doubtful Debbies out there.

"Oh Caroline, you can't possibly have an addiction to Google Reader!"

"Seriously?  Who subscribes to that many blogs?"


And I have pushed the reader to the edge.

And just so you don't think that I subscribed to 1000 blogs, this was a bit of an experiment.
(Thanks, Queenie.)

This is from about 48 hours of very minimal checking on my part.

So here's your weekly update of our life right now:
  • packing is definitely underway.  all of the books have been put in boxes.  :(  hate hate hate
  • I took not one, but TWO accounting tests today.  Mid term and final.  Guess what I don't want to hear about for the rest of the day.
  • I finished a book review for psych central.  Fingers crossed they publish it!
  • Eric and I both got new phones and new Colorado phone numbers.  If you would like to receive the new number, let me know.
That sums it up for now!  

Friday, August 13, 2010


My name is Caroline.
And I have an addictive personality.

My addictions include but are not limited to:
romantic comedies

And now, thanks to my dear friend, who will be referred to as Queenie to protect her identity, my list now includes:
Google Reader

Now, I'm sure there are some of you readers who don't believe that this is an issue.

"Oh Caroline, it's probably not as bad as you think."

"Really? Google Reader? How can you become addicted to that?"

Those who doubt are seriously underestimating how easily this got out of control.

I've been a Google Reader member (?) for about 1 month now. When Queenie introduced me to it, I got stumped and couldn't remember any of the blogs that I like! To be fair, that's partially because I was addicted to my stumble button for so long (one of the reasons why some people look to me for random websites) and I wasn't good about actually following blogs. Enter Reader.

So instead of of adding blogs that I knew, I added bundles offered by Reader. I think I added about 7 bundles. Alright. That's not true. It was more like 13. I'm blushing as I type this. Each bundle came with between 4 and 8 blogs. That's right. You do the math.

In the last month, I've tweaked, added, organized, familiarized and any other -ized that I could in order to get my Reader where I want it to be. In the process, I have also become a pusher for reader.

"Wait. You have gmail and don't use your Reader? Where's a computer? Allow me to introduce you."

Keep in mind, last night, when I went to bed, there were NO new articles in my reader.

This morning, at 6:33 am, there are 204 items in my Reader.

I haven't gone a week without adding new blogs to follow.

Next time, I'll explain what I love love love about Reader. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

minor update

Great news folks!
Eric's boss has offered to have him telecommute when we move! Yay! It'll be on a contractual basis but it'll still be some kind of income. We're both really excited and really grateful!

Still working on the details of the blog.

I just finished my accounting lessons last night! I'll be taking both tests next Friday so wish me luck!

It's getting close! Just a little over three weeks!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I realize things are slow on this blog right now. I'm working on a reorganization of the blog so it'll be a few days before I have another post up for everyone.

Planning planning planning...

Thanks for your patience!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello August!

Eric is finally home from taking the bar! Yay!

He feels pretty good about his performance on the bar but we all know that he did great. :)

In other news
  • the condo is now up for rent so if any of you know someone who is looking for an apartment in the Baton Rouge area, please send them my way!
  • I have 18 days of work left before the move
  • Target makes an off-brand of wheat thins that they call "thin wheats". I'm happy to report they taste the same.
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