Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And then there were three...

I laughed.

That was my natural reaction to the situation.

I stood in the bathroom staring at the little stick on the counter and just laughed.
Something between a giggle and a belly laugh.

When I glanced in the mirror, I looked like a six year old who heard their first real joke and got it.  My hands were covering my mouth and my eyes and cheeks were already hurting from laughing so much.
And I couldn't stop.

I didn't stop for a long time.
Even after I came out of the bathroom and told Eric that no, I wasn't sick but pregnant, I still couldn't stop laughing.

And even when I talk about it now, I tend to laugh.
A big belly-with-a-baby laugh.

It's been an amazing week.
Here's the rundown: 
  • I'm pregnant!
  • I got hired today for a full time administrative assistant position!
  • I got asked if my tips on handling travel arrangements could be posted in a newsletter for an Admin Assistant newsletter (obviously with credit given)
  • I was chosen to be a baking blogger for an online blog community (it's a paid freelance gig)!
  • Eric picked up some work through a legal temp agency (yay!!!)
  • I'm pregnant!...oh I mentioned that already...

So I don't know if it's the baby or from all of the excitement of this week, but I'm exhausted.  It's 7:23 and I have to go pick Eric up from his job in a few minutes and I'm exhausted.

Life is sweet.

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  1. I am so happy for all the wonderful things coming into your life right now! What an exciting, glorious time! I didn't know about the admin assistant newsletter or the baking blogging. That's so awesome! Oh, I just want to send you so much love and hugs!!!! I am bursting with affection!



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