Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work space

I have the sneaking suspicion that I need to develop a work space in the apartment.  

I think I've outgrown working on the couch.  After attempting to work on my letter of intent for grad school for two weeks and coming up with crap (seriously, it was dog shit on a page), Eric kicked me out and sent me to the library to work.  

45 minutes later and it was a bronze medal.  No, not gold but I can turn it in and be proud.  I would need about forty hours to devote to it to turn it into gold and I don't have that.

So, maybe I need to carve out a work space in our home.  However, the only two places that I think that is possible is either a) at our unused dining room table (don't tell my mom...she'll be upset to find out we aren't using it) or b) in my closet.  

You think I'm kidding about the closet?  

I'm not.

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