Friday, September 2, 2011

Chocolate Banana Bread

I'm trying really hard to incorporate bananas into my diet.  I'm doing a lot better with tomatoes.  I can eat them in salads and uncooked in food without wanting to gag because it feels like a slug made it into my food.

We had several bananas that were edging beyond ideal ripeness.  I like to argue that bananas are never really ripe because to me, if something is ripe, it should taste good.  Bananas never taste good; therefore, they are never ripe.  Vis a vie bananas are a disgusting fruit spawned from the devil's tree.

Alright...even I have to admit that last statement is false and a complete fabrication.

Moving on...

Confession: the recipe calls for cooking oil.  Me?  I go Paula Deen on it and used butter.
So to cover the banana taste in the bread, I put chocolate into it.  Because chocolate 1) is delicious and 2) makes the world go round. 

The complete opposite of bananas.

 So this isn't the most healthy recipe on the block.  I figure this is the same as putting cheese on broccoli to get children (or Eric) accustomed to the taste.  A few weeks and my taste buds should be more accepting of bananas.  Now...the texture is a totally different issue.

A banana's texture is right up there with wet paper.  Gag-worthy.

Banana Bread recipe from Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

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