Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunchtime with a Stay at Home Mom

Attempting to eat with a baby is almost like trying to turn water into wine.  Although, I figure if you were Jesus himself, that wouldn't mean much to you.  I decided to share a breakdown of what lunchtime is like at our home.

Note: the reason why I'm focusing on lunchtime is because Eric is usually here for breakfast and dinner.  And Stephen usually sleeps for two hours in the morning so breakfast is easier.

10:00 Stephen is usually getting ready to wake up so I start wondering what I'll eat for lunch.  Obviously, I try to go for the simplest thing.  That can sometimes mean eating two pieces of fruit and a small meal because that can be broken up over a period of time.

10:30 Get the fixins out and on the counter.  Stephen wakes up and cries because he's hungry.

11:00 Stephen's been fed so it's time for mommy to try to get some food.  Put him down in his bouncer and bounce him a couple of times.  He coos and laughs because he loves his bouncer.  Walk to the kitchen to start fixing food.  Stephen lets out his angry howl.  Go back to living room and move him and the bouncer to the kitchen.  Start putting food on a plate.  Stephen begins to whimper and then lets out another howl.  Bounce his bouncer in hopes of appeasing him.  He pouts (yes, he pouts) and continues to whimper.  Talk to him to try to comfort him and calm him down.  He starts crying.  Continue talking and bouncing and turn on vibrations on the bouncer.  He cries harder and starts to flail his arms a little.  Pick him up and cuddle him.  Walk him around the apartment.  He calms down and starts to smile again.

12:15  Yes, that whole scenario lasted an hour and fifteen minutes.  Mommy's tummy is growling now.  Put Stephen back in bouncer because he's drifted off to sleep again.  Turn back to food.  Put it in the microwave and turn it on.  Stephen wakes up and starts crying.  Pick him and cuddle him again to quickly get him back to sleep.  He wants to eat again so sit down to feed him.

12:40 Stephen fell asleep nursing.  Slowly lower him back into bouncer and he stays asleep.  Food is cold again in microwave.  Reheat it and nosh on hand to trick stomach into thinking it's getting food.  Pull food out of microwave and turn to grab utensils out of drawer.  Stephen wakes up.  Shove a piece of bread into mouth.  Bounce him in the bouncer and talk to him while trying to swallow.  Choke on bread and proceed to perform the heimlech on self while still bouncing Stephen with foot.  Cough bread up and smile at Stephen so he's not scared.  He starts laughing because mommy is silly.  Grab food off counter and sit on floor in front of Stephen.  Nibble on food while playing with Stephen.  He starts whining again to be held.  Pick him up and turn to food for another nibble only to find the dog laying beside the empty plate.  


The events recorded here are exaggerated.  The dog didn't eat my food.

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