Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where's Marshall?

About two miles from our cute little complex is a shopping center.
Here's the selection in said shopping center:
  1. Joann's
  2. Old Navy
  3. Bed Bath and Beyond
  4. Office Depot
  5. Marshall's
  6. Lowe's
  7. Ross
  8. Toys R Us Express 
This list encompasses about half of the places in the shopping center.  Here's what is great about it (so far...I feel like there are more reasons to fall in love with it other than what we've learned):
  1. This may be shocking to some of you however, after leaving our previous home city, we were accustomed to not really receiving help in a store.  You'd have to scour the aisles looking for someone who worked at the store only to find that they a) didn't know what you were looking for or where to find it or b) would randomly point in a direction and pick a number off the top of their head in reference to which aisle the item could be located on.  When we visited the Lowe's mentioned above for the first time, we were both shocked to be greeted at the door by an employee AND when asked for the location of the item, we were WALKED to the location of the item.  In the short time span that we were in the store (possibly 15 minutes longer) we were asked if we needed assistance not once but THREE times more by various employees and were shown to the location of the items we were searching for by said employees.  LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE.
  2. I took mi marido into Joann's today promising that we would be there for a short time and then added the explanation that it would be "less than thirty minutes" (come on, he had to have already KNOWN that would be the case).  I just wanted to look and get my bearings there and get a better idea of what the store had to offer.  First off, BIGGEST Joann's I've ever been in.  Second, guess who actually enjoyed himself?  Yup, that's right.  Especially in the yarn section.  Who knew?  He picked out the yarn for both the socks and scarf that I'm going to crochet/knit for him (haven't decided yet which method).  There were so many things to look at and I'm THRILLED it's so close to us.
  3. Marshall's, however, turned out to be the BIGGEST surprise ever.  Again, our old home city, Marshall's was more of a pain to go to.  I could never find anything that I liked, that wasn't stained or torn, that was actually pretty, etc.  My mom has always had INCREDIBLE luck with items from the store so I've always been a bit annoyed with it that I didn't have as great luck with it.  Well, forget that, my friends!  The Marshall's in the neighborhood shopping center is beaucoup amazing!  Immediately after walking in we were greeted by a passing employee (How you doing?!) and I was drawn to the amazing selections of boots (oh Rampage brown slouchies with the cute buckles, I will have you this winter).  Mi mardido wandered off to the men's selection.  MANY minutes later, he caught up with me in the dresses section (Calvin Klein knee length red sleeveless dress with the ballerina neckline AND A BELT!?).  We instantly fell into a conversation about how great the store is and finished out our tour with the houseware area.  Beautiful sepia photograph of trees?  Perfect for the living room!  Another paring knife however it's orange AND has a sheath?!  YAY!  Non-stick pots for less than $20 and THEY ARE GREEN!?  Can I have two?  Oh and the comforter sets?  Cynthia Rowley, 6 piece, 300 thread count comforter set that has not one but THREE matching throw pillows.  And I'm spent!
In conclusion, I think that the next few months will consist of us visiting our neighborhood Marshall's for all of our needs before searching elsewhere.

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