Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bread, bread and MORE bread

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "P".

 For Per-Bear!
(that would be my former coworker, Per Bear, in the picture with me)

And for Pizza!
That's right.
This evening, we decided to make homemade pizza for dinner.  Well, we decided.  I made it.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing stimulation:

We decided to attempt to make a pizza that was similar in flavor to the new Domino's recipe.  Seriously, folks, I crave that pizza. Bravo!
I added Italian seasonings and a dash of cayenne (gasp!).

Then, to add a bit to the crust, I added rosemary directly into the crust (you may be able to see it in the first picture) and I mixed melted butter (yes, arteries, you heard me correctly) with a blend of garlic and herb spices.  It's that premixed stuff you can buy at the store.
That's lip-smackin' good!
Using my handy dandy kitchen brush (what's the technical term for that marvelous contraption), I spread the garlic herb and butter blend around the exterior crust of the pizza before I put my sauce on.  Then, I poured that sauce on!
side note: if the entire pizza crust is referred to as crust, what do you refer to the part of the crust that does not receive any toppings?  The "rim"?
Moving on...
There it is.  The "rim" covered in the butter and garlic herb blend.  
Piled on onions, cheese, pepperoni, and then some more cheese.
Seriously, if we're going to make pizza, we might as well go all out right?
Ta dah!

I'm really proud of my pizza as you can tell from the picture to the left.

Eric hard at work cutting the pizza for dinner.  Look at that concentration!
We ate through the entire loaf of wheat bread that I baked earlier this week (due to the fact that we eat sammiches for lunch pretty much every day).  As I'm typing this, I have another loaf in the oven at the moment.

Time for fun with Erin! 
me: I need to find the first episode of Just Desserts online somewhere
 Erin:  what is just desserts?
 me:  because I feel like gaining five pounds through visual stimulation
 Erin:  ahahahha
 me:  it's Top Chefs but only desserts
me:  PS Eric is watching REvenge of the Ninja right now and some 8 year old just took a ninja star to the forehead
 Erin:  wtf
that doens't sound like wholesome viewing
 Erin:  as ninjas do
 me:  hahah we are going through all of the terrible shows that he added to our instant queue
 Erin:  hahahaaha
 me:  he just switched it to "Lost treasure of the Grand Canyon"
 Erin:  getting them over with?
 me:  guess who is the lead female?
 Erin:  pamela anderson?
 me:  nope
Shannon Doherty
 Erin:  YES
that's not a bad flick at all then
quality programming
 me:  maybe she'll whip out some of her Charmed skills
 me:  hahaha

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