Saturday, September 4, 2010


We're finally all moved in!


We just dropped mom off at the airport so it's just us and Kaya.  We've both felt like we were just on vacation so now that mom has left, it's starting to feel a little more "real".

Quick shout out to both sets of parents: Thanks so much for helping us with the move.  Definitely could not have done it without you guys!

So, real quick, here are the top five things that I love so far about where we live:

1) Great public transportation system.  Seriously.  I'm looking forward to being able to use public transportation that's reliable.

2) Sushi served on a surf board.  We ate at Hapa last night for J.O.'s big birthday celebration (holla!) and she chose Hapa.  First off, what's not to love about sushi?  Am I right or am I right?  Second, when you order enough sushi that it fits on a miniature surfboard, it just makes dinner a little more delightful.  Third, sushi rolls that are aptly named Foreplay and Multiple Orgasm can bring on a string of juvenile giggling from myself and my dear husband.

3) Hiking about a mile in Boulder yesterday while the sun was shining, there was a GREAT breeze blowing and we got to see the Heart Rock Altar
(I tried to insert a picture here but for whatever reason, blogger is being difficult tonight)
It was such a perfect hike so we're probably going to go back and do it again tomorrow or Monday.

4) Cherry Creek Mall: This part gets its own list:
  1. For those of you men folk who detest shopping with your leading lady, there is a big screen TV and chairs to sit in.  Also for the techies who cannot live without their laptop for a minute, many of these chairs also have a desk portion for you to rest your laptop on.
  2. There is a Louis Vuitton and Coach store right next to each other.  (insert high pitch squeal)
  3. There is a Neiman Marcus and Saks there as well.  (insert high pitch squeals with 15-year old jump and down)
  4. Saturday mornings, from May to October, there is a FANTASTIC farmer's market.  FANTASTIC.
5)  The view is breathtaking every time.

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