Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday undone

As promised, here is what was done with the foccaccio the other night:

Since the loaves were thin, we decided to make sauteed portobello mushroom sandwiches.

Yes, sauteed portobello mushroom sandwiches.

I decided to make my own pesto.  

When I'm not following a recipe, I cook like my aunt Melinda-Lou.

Toss in some basil, pour a bit of olive oil in, and a clove of garlic.  

Puree like crazy til it's smooth.
I know it doesn't look like much but pesto is powerful stuff.  You don't need much and since there was only two of us dining that night, this turned out to be about twice the amount that we needed.

Although you may think this is enough for the sandwich, wait my friends.

Here is the best part:
Spreadable brie.

Put a little bit of pesto on one side and a little bit of brie on the other.

Add mushrooms and VOILA!

umm...yeah there should be a picture of the sandwich after it's been put together but neither one of us could contain ourselves. 

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