Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday week in the Lee home.

It's that time of year again.
It's birthday week here in the Lee home.
Both of our birthdays are this week.
His is tomorrow, September 29th.
Mine is Friday, October 1.  
So here's a quick update for everyone!
  • I had a phone interview Friday.  I think it went okay but the critic in me is shaking her head.  Won't know until next week if I made it to round 2.
  • Eric had a phone interview yesterday.  He says it went okay.  He won't know until next week if he made it to round 2.
  • Did you know that if you apply for a job through the usajobs website it takes FOREVER to complete the application?!
  • I started a couch to 5k program yesterday and luckily, mi marido has agreed to run alongside me for support.  
  • We got the photographer's cd with all of the pictures from the wedding.
  • I'm making Fried Strawberry Pies to celebrate our birthdays this week (don't worry, I'll put up pictures).
That's about it!
All I want for my birthday is a job.  :)

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