Saturday, March 12, 2011

Procrastinated list

Technically, this list was supposed to be posted yesterday.  

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My bad.

So the list for today is Date Night Ideas.  Since we are living in good ole Colorado, these will be Colorado based ideas.  Oh and the directions on the list, which can be found here, explain that this list is not just for romantic dates, but can be friend dates, kid dates, etc.  So if you get confused about the list I'm about to create, that should explain it.
  1. Foodie tour of Cherry Creek (this isn't a set to be made up in advance).
  2. "Paw Print" Date:  I plan on doing this with Baby Stephen.  Essentially, it involves pillowcases or canvas, acrylic paint, his feet, my feet, and Eric's feet.
  3. Camera Play.  This would be more of a date with different friends.  Just us, the mountains and a really good camera.
  4. Morning hike followed by a picnic (technically, we did this already when we hiked to Gem Lake but I'd do it all over again every week).
  5. Spooky night at the Stanley Hotel: come on.  If you are a fan of The Shining why would you not want to do this?!
  6. Dinner on a rooftop with a private performance by a string quartet.

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