Sunday, March 27, 2011

List for today

I'm going to try to make today's list quick and painless.
Mainly because I have focaccia rising and granola bars in the oven.
Lessons learned:
  1. A dog can be one of the most amazing companions ever.
  2. Belly bands are great for the second and third trimester.  I don't have to worry about zipping or buttoning any pants because the band totally covers them up.
  3. Moist dough makes for a moist and soft bread.
  4. Breathing and relaxing through pain can make most of it go away (something I need to remember during labor).
  5. It's the little things that really matter in a relationship.  Like when he draws a bath for me, or when he kisses my pregnant belly, or cooks dinner for me.  It's the way he says "I love you" or agrees to learn to give pedicures so that when I can't touch my feet anymore, he'll keep my tootsies looking pretty.  
  6. Even though pregnancy isn't the most comfortable phases of my life, I think I'll miss feeling Stephen in my belly.  I'll miss having this special connection with him before anyone else.
  7. Love, whether it's between friends, family, or a lover, can be the greatest source of strength.

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