Saturday, March 19, 2011

List Time!

Today's list kind of touches on a sensitive topic for me.
It's about food.
Specifically, recipes I want to try.
Let me preface my list with this note:
My list of recipes I want to try is endless.  It's disgusting and obscene.  If you don't believe me, I dare you to look in my google reader and check out how many of my "starred" or "shared" items are recipes.  Or how about you check out the binder on my counter that has at least 3-5 recipes per page that I may have made a total of 4 recipes.  That would be 4 recipes out of the entire binder.  Or you could also check out the really nice Microsoft Publisher document that I have that has over 200 recipes in it.
Yeah you thought I was kidding.
And yes, I do recognize I have a problem.  But hey, for someone who has an addictive personality isn't it better that I be addicted to collecting these recipes than meth?
Thought so.
Honestly, I think when Stephen is born, I'll end up cooking every chance I get for the weeks that I'll be home with him.  I may never lose the baby weight but God, I'm going to eat so well!
But I digress...
  1. Croissants: I love to bake and everyone that I've spoken with about croissants says they are difficult to master and take loads of time.
  2. Tiramisu: one of my all time favorite desserts.
  3. Beef Bourgignon: Really, I'd just like to live my own version of Julie and Julia and make every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook.
  4. Sushi: Not a particular type in mind but this is a cuisine that I would love to master!
  5. Popovers: it's kind of pathetic that I haven't ever made these because I hear wonderful things about them and I think there are only 6 or 7 ingredients in them.
Crepes and Beignets: I put these together because I want to make them for the same reason: my mom made them.  Well, and the crepes are a family tradition for Groundhog's Day and I STILL have not made them.  Shameful really.
Now it's time to go get ready and take on the day!  We are hitting up two estate sales this morning and I'm hoping that we get some goodies!

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