Monday, January 24, 2011

Traipsing through the blogs: Food Blogs

While considering what direction I would like to take this blog in, I thought that, perhaps, going through my reader and figuring out what my favorite types of blogs were would help.  The assumption here is that if I have a numerous amount of, say, food blogs that I follow (which I do), then that would indicate a clear passion for that topic (which, again, I do).  For the next few updates, I'll be focusing on introducing you, my dear reader(s), to the passions determined by the blogs that I follow again.  Here is the breakdown of my reader
  • 236 234 Blogs currently being followed
  • Categories:
    •  Career
    • Crafts
    • Decorating
    • DIY
    • Fashionista
    • Finance
    • Food
    • Gossip
    • Health
    • Healthcare
    • Leadership
    • News
    • Psychology
    • Religion
    • Self 
  • There are also 38 blogs that have not been put into categories.  I'm still trying to figure out the appropriate spot for them and/or if I should create a new category for them.
Excessive?  Perhaps.  I think if a psychologist were to take a look at my reader, they would probably classify me as a stage 3 hoarder of blogs.  That's not terrible considering that the scale goes up to 5.  Let's just all be grateful that I don't hoard things in the home.  Then again, let's face it, the reason why I don't is because mi marido is a bit anal and he would have a conniption.  My yarn stash is getting a little out of control but has yet to take over my closet.  Moving on...

So the first category of blogs that I'll be sharing with you is a taste of my food blogs (haha pun).  I say a taste because there are over 40 that I follow; 40 is just a rough estimate.  I don't know how many I actually follow (I'm fairly certain that a few of the blogs that are not in categories should be food blogs).  Here are my favorites:
So technically, the Pioneer Woman's website is about A LOT more than just food.  Seriously.  It is a fountain of information into this woman's life and then she has other bloggers who chip in and add depth to the website as well.  The design is flawless and beautifully constructed.  But we're here to talk about food.  And boy does Ree know how to cook!  She has a cookbook out that I've heard only amazing things about (however, have not had a chance to purchase one myself).  But, if you are like me and don't have the cookbook, her website is overflowing with recipes.  Take for example:  
 Let's start with the photo.  Ree takes her own photos.  Seriously.  Impressive, I know.  Then, there's the presentation.  My mouth is watering just looking at this picture and I just finished eating dinner.  That mushroom sticking out of the corner of the slice is teasing me.  Yummm...  Her explanation of her recipes is great and she does breakdown shots throughout the recipe so that you can see her make the recipe.  It's great and she makes it look so easy!
Taste Spotting has done the most damage to my reader.  There are, on average, 500+ posts a week.  A WEEK.  I currently have 103 posts from this blog in my reader.  And it's not because I neglected my reader today.  I have 511 posts in my reader at the moment.  One fifth of that is Taste Spotting.  I realize at this point you are probably overwhelmed and may be having a slight panic attack.  Allow me to explain: Taste Spotting pulls recipes from various other blogs.  The only thing that is in the posts in my reader is the picture of the recipe, the blog it's from and then a small caption about the recipe.  Go ahead...just look at the glimpse that I gave you above.  Tell me you don't want to just go peruse their homepage and the latest recipes posted.
 Okay so I'm new to this blog but the pictures alone of their recipes makes me want to have dinner with them nightly.  Preferably with me on a couch, a drink in hand, just laying back and enjoying the smells wafting from the kitchen.  Whether it's the Tortellini Soup or the Pear Galette, who cares?!  It all looks amazing!

I hope that you'll take a look at these blogs.  I absolutely love what they have to offer.  I'll post again soon with another look at a different category of blogs!

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