Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thoughts for the Day

I had about five different things that I wanted to write full posts about this week and of course, I didn't write them down.  I'm hoping that now that things have finally started to calm down, I can get back into the groove and put more focus into the blog.  I make no promises though.  

For now, here are my random thoughts for the day.
  • Mini Lee is 17 weeks today.  He (yes I think the baby is a boy and rather than refer to him as "it", I'm going to refer to him as...he...him...whatever you get it) can now hear loud noises and may respond to them as well.  
  • I was disturbed to hear this week that a group of politicians think that the abortion issue is their main priority for 2011.  Regardless of where you may be on the fence on that issue, doesn't it seem odd that with all of the struggles our country is facing at this moment that abortion is their top priority?  Shouldn't unemployment, the constantly struggling economy, the increasing number of Americans who are suffering from obesity (and how the agriculture industry plays a part in it), or the growing number of teen pregnancies (there is a school in Tennessee that has roughly 90 students who are currently pregnant or have given birth this year) be considered a priority?  Then again, I will bow to the fact that it is an opinion that determines what a person considers to be a priority...and alas, my opinions are different from those particular politicians.
  • I added "Taste Spotting" to my Google Reader.  What does that mean?  I added a blog that posts roughly 500+ posts a week.  My head may explode.
  • As I was driving home to other day from work, the sun was glinting off the mountains.  I could see the mountains that were even in the background.  They were covered in snow but because of the sunset, they looked purple, blue and green.  In that moment, I was reminded of how happy I am here.
 That's all for now.  Hopefully, this will become more organized.  Soon. 

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