Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traipsing through the blogs: Craft Blogs

Welcome back to the segment "Traipsing Through the Blogs"!  For those of you who didn't read my previous post, here's the deal;  in an effort to figure out what direction to take this blog in, I'm attempting to narrow it down based on my variety of passions in my Google reader.  I've already written about the food blogs that I follow.  Today, I will be writing about my favorite craft blogs.

Now, I've listed before the categories in my reader and you are probably wondering why there is a DIY category and a Craft category.  Really, the DIY category should be melded into the decorating category because that's what the majority of the DIY blogs are about.  Crafts are more focused on knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc.  Since I've been doing a lot more of these since we moved, you can imagine how much I enjoy reading up on these hobbies and to see what other people are doing.

Sidenote: if you are a crocheter, perhaps you may be interested in donating to Crochet a RainbowI'll be working on this tomorrow with a couple of fellow crocheters in the area.

Moving on...

So, as promised, here is a snippet of my favorite craft blogs:
 I'm a new(er) follower of "The Idea Room" but I am in love.  The crafts that pour out of this blog are so impressive and, the majority of the time, easy to an extent (I classify time input as part of the difficulty level).  Recently, she participated in the DIY Dare Blogger and what she came up with is beautiful! Check out the project here.
 Ahhh...Crochet Spot.  Sometimes, reading the postings make me feel like I've found the heaven of yarn stores and I'm curled up in the corner with my hooks and yarn.  The tips and patterns that come out of this website are so great and useful!  Who knew there were so many different stitches in crochet?  I've been happy playing with my treble crochets and half doubles but wow!  If you are into crocheting, this is something you should add to your daily wanderings when you need inspiration or tips...or if you are just wandering.
Want a one-stop shop for your crafting?  This is the place!  Be prepared.  There are typically three responses to this website:
  1. Losing yourself in the website for all eternity (so you may want to warn loved ones).
  2. Becoming so overwhelmed that you get frustrated and curse the gods of crafting for their genius.
  3. Getting confused and calling me to ask random questions about crafting and where to find things.
I almost feel like the Pied Piper introducing craft junkies to this website.  Good luck and goodbye, my friends.
Please excuse the ad in the upper right hand corner. I couldn't figure out how to cut it out.
Craft Gossip=SUPER FUN!  The crafts covered on this website range far and wide, from cross stitching patterns to how to create a new insole for your heels with pretty patterns (go here ).  This website pulls inspiration and patterns from all over the web.  It's a great way to get linked to other blogs/sites quickly with inspiration.  And if you are like me, and end up loving those blogs, then you will probably add them to your Google Reader and increase the madness that it already is.  You can think of it as the Google of Craft sites.  

That's all for today.  If this isn't enough for you, or you want more food blogs to drool over, drop me a line and I'll send on some more of my favorites!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words and the link. I really appreciate it!


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