Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts for the Day

Do you sit back at the end of the day and think about what's passed through your mind, hands, mouth, etc during the course of that day?  I typically marinate on my days just to see what I've come up with.  So, here are the thoughts on today:
  • Queenie and I have decided that iceburg lettuce is the "white trash" of lettuce.  It is.  Seriously.  Taste a piece of crisp iceburg lettuce.  It's 96% water.  You can look that up and I may be wrong but I'm not off by much.  And if I am, don't tell me.  It's not that important to me to know I'm wrong.  Now, taste a piece of crisp romaine, or arugula.  Tell me that those aren't better.  Let's face it.  Iceburg barely even has a flavor if any.  And very little nutritional value.
  • I'm very happy.  And part of that is because it's really the little things that make me do a dance.  For instance, I did a happy dance earlier because I get to eat at the Cherry Cricket twice in four day.  TWICE IN FOUR DAYS!?!  and if you don't know what the Cherry Cricket is and haven't had their burgers than you have not had one of the most amazing burgers EVER and your life is incomplete (sorry...I realize that is a harsh truth but it is a truth).  Mi marido says it's one of his favorite things about me, that simple things absolutely make my day.  Can you imagine what I'll be like as a mom?  I'll be on a fricking baby high 24/7.  Screw meth.  Just let me hang with my baby!
  • I LOVE FOOD.  Seriously.  I LOVE FOOD.  There is no way around it and considering this entire post thus far (and will continue) to kind of run around the topic of food, it's fairly obvious that I LOVE FOOD.
  • My project this weekend: make homemade croissants from scratch.  That's right.  I'm taking on the devil of pastries.  Okay it may not be the devil but I'm told it's a fairly hard baking project to take on.  So pumped!
  • My belly is starting to look like I swallowed a bowling ball.  It's entertaining me.
  • Kaya has become a cat.  She sits on our sofa/loveseat like a cat, such as on the armrest or the back of the sofa.
I hope that this week has been lovely and happy for each of you!

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