Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have several friends who either recently got pregnant or will be giving birth soon.  Several of them have sent me messages via FB on the cloth diapers we use and what I think.

Here are the ones that we use:
from here
These are the bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diapers.

Yup.  A bit of a mouthful.

Here's where we bought ours.

We bought 12 to start out with and got several different colors.  We might be able to do with a few more but 12 isn't terrible.  When they are in the washer, dryer, or drying in the sun, we use disposable diapers.

So, what do I think?
Here's the lowdown:

  • Financially, I love these.  In the long run, they save us a bundle!
  • They are CUTE CUTE CUTE.  Period.
  • Some people (who shall remain nameless) pretty much laughed at me when I told them we were going to do cloth.  They assumed that it's a huge workload.  Is it more of a workload than disposables?  Not really.  Because I have to do laundry anyway so what's a little more to the pile?  Is it grosser?  No, not to me.  But I'm a mommy.  Poo on my face doesn't gross me out so cleaning it out of a diaper shouldn't bother me either.  However, my feelings on this may change when Stephen starts eating solids but I can't imagine it'll be enough to deter me from cloth.
  • A lot of people think this would increase our energy and water bills.  And it has.  But not dramatically at all because I dry these puppies in the sun often.  Which is great because the sun bleaches them and gets out most of the stains (although...what do I care about stains anyway?  THEY ARE DIAPERS!).
  • Are they leak proof?  Yes.  Do they leak?  Yes.  It's the same thing as a disposable.  If too much is in it, it'll leak.  Plain and simple.  However, Stephen's poops can somehow defy gravity sometimes.  So if he's wearing a disposable, you can bet it's going all over his back even if he's upright.  When he's wearing his cloth diapers, that never happens.
That being said, I know some people who aren't as happy with their cloth diapers.  So reader be warned.  They are not for everyone.  
But we love them!

Readers: do you use cloth diapers?  Do you love or hate them?  Or, if you are preparing to have a baby, are you thinking about doing cloth diapering?  Share share share!!


  1. I'm not a mom yet, but I'm a total proponent of cloth diapers! So glad to hear you're using them. You'll probably enjoy my friend Blayne's blog:

  2. Laura! Thanks for the shout out!!

    Caroline--so glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for visiting! I like you blog too! I read a few of your posts. I love your labor post. Hilarious.

    P.S. I LOVED cloth diapers. Unfortunately, my daughter has started solids. That combined with the high European electricity costs, and a teeny tiny euro washing machine, has started having me consider switching to disposable. But, I may buy one of these bum genius AIOs. I've been using the Pre-folds and covers. Anyway--great post!!

  3. So glad I could connect my favorite new mommies! Y'all simultaneously make me scared of and think I'm almost ready for motherhood.


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