Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stevie's Cake

Sunday was Stevie's birthday.  In celebration of the big day, I decided to bake him a cake.  When I asked him what his favorite kind of cake was, his response was a yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Same as mi marido.  Now, I'm not the biggest cake fan.  It's not that I think it's gross.  It's most likely some psychosomatic issue because of the multitudes of times that I've lost control and devoured much more than my fair share and my neighbor next to me.  However, the cakes that I do foam at the mouth for (let's face it...if you have a sweet tooth, you don't just drool.  You FOAM for sweets.) are cakes like triple chocolate mousse cakes and a chocolate ganache cake with hazelnut rum glaze.  Take my wedding cake for instance.  White chocolate truffle ganache (or something to that effect).  Really.  It can't be just white chocolate.  (Thanks, Mom, for that brilliant suggestion.  KILLER).  

Moving on.

So, as I am prone to do, I had to "dress up" Stevie's cake.

So rather than having just a yellow cake with chocolate icing, I made a caramel icing as well.  
 Ahh...the sweet smell of fresh baked cake.
 Lesson number one: when making icing, if you need to sweeten it, used powdered sugar.  Regular white sugar makes it a bit gritty.
 Top that caramel icing off with pecans.
 Place second layer on top of caramel, Put a nice layer of chocolate icing and then decorated with caramel icing.  Yay!

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