Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Staples: Not the Store or the Office Supply

No, what I'll be discussing is kitchen staples.

I am attempting to cut our grocery bill by $100 a month.  I have a certain amount budgeted for each week.  I'm not anal about this because I know that every now and then, we'll have to go over.  But I do my best to not go over by more than $5.

Fortunately, throwing in one "new" meal a week keeps us happy.  We have a constant supply of chicken and tilapia in our freezer.  Eric LOVES the manager's special at the store which is going to be maintained a bit better now that the budget is in place.  So, we also have a stash of some pork items.

However, I've noticed that, in the past, when we've gone overboard on groceries, it's typically because we've run out of certain staples, or I want to bake/cook something special.  That got me thinking: what if I make a list of staples for the pantry and fridge and attempt to keep stock of such items?

I'm not planning on being one of those extreme couponers.  But my thought is that if I can keep an eye out for these items and buy one or two whenever they are on sale, maybe I can keep us from having these huge splurge weeks.  

Here are some lists that I've found online that I plan to use to build my own list:

Once I develop my list, I'll post it for you guys.

So Readers, what are your pantry/kitchen staples?

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