Sunday, May 15, 2011

True Confessions

There are a lot of symptoms that come with pregnancy.

Nobody gets all of them and some are more common than others.
The women I know that are pregnant or were recently pregnant were most concerned with the weight gain.

"How long will it take to get rid of it?"
"Will I be able to get rid of all of it?"

Honestly, the weight gain doesn't phase me.  Sure, I have my "fat" days when I'm certain I look like a hippo and I stare at pictures of myself from a year ago and wonder if I'll ever be back to my prepregnancy size.  But I really don't stress about it.

Instead, there is one pregnancy symptom that haunts me and worried me to no end.
My voice.

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If you've spoken to me on the phone, you've heard the change.  It cracks like a 13-year old boy's voice and it's dropped several pitches.  I used to be a pretty strong mezzo-soprano and could pick out a couple of soprano pieces on a good day.  Now, I'm fortunate if I can sing three of the correct notes.  And that's IF my voice doesn't suddenly crack.

I always thought I'd sit around and sing to my belly while pregnant but I can't because I'm worried that Stephen will grow up afraid of a cracking bagpipe because on my GOOD days now, that's what I sound like.

So, no, I'm not scared I won't get rid of the pregnancy weight, or of possible stretchmarks, or that my right hand will never have complete feeling in it.

I'm terrified that the decent singing voice that I once had is now completely gone.

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