Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Regressive Movement

I have a bit of a rant today.
In the last week, I have had two different conversations on the topic of feminism.
Here's my stance:
To me, the important issue is equality between men and women.  
Don't read into that or overanalyze it because it's just that simply stated.
In the two discussions I had this past week though, I was introduced to the fact that there are some who take feminism to a whole new level.

Let's go with the one I had five minutes ago.

A dear friend of mine was accused of being a "regressive" female because she likes to cook.


Let me reiterate that in case the absurdity of it was lost in that first statement.

Because this woman likes to cook, she is regressive.  Meaning, she plans on having the house clean, dinner on the table, and a stiff drink in hand for her husband as if she was June Cleaver or just stepped out of Mona Lisa Smile.

What is that about?

So...following this logic, if I like to do any of the things that were once considered a "woman's" job, that makes me regressive.

And if that's the case, what does that say about the men in our lives that enjoy doing the things that were once considered the "woman's" job?

Does that mean that secretly, deep down, they are harboring gay tendencies?  

Look, if I like to cook, it doesn't say anything about my political stance on the females.  If I want to teach my daughter how to bake family recipes that have been passed down, or teach my son to make white chocolate bread pudding like his dad so that he can win a woman's heart one night with a delicious romantic meal, why does that have to say something about my feminist stance?

Cooking is no longer an obligatory role in the home that is one individual's job because of their gender (unless of course a person is part of a more regressive household [sidenote: I use this term "regressive" to just delineate between two different ideas and mean no offense by it...if that works for you and your family, then that works for you! :)]).  

And following this logic, what other hobbies lead to having a "regressive" stance on feminism?  Sewing, gardening, cleaning??  

Fine.  If that's the case, if I'm to be tossed out of the accuser's idea of feminism because I like to cook, hand me my kitchenaid mixer and a wooden spoon.

But they can't have any of my cake.  They can eat the store bought dry shit that lacks flavor because they don't want to "take their place in the kitchen."

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