Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pregnancy what?

So I don't really discuss how I'm feeling during the pregnancy on here for a few reasons:
  1. People ask me every time they talk to me "How are you?  how are you feeling?" (not hating on anyone...just saying that's why I don't talk about it on here)
  2. Many of my readers (the few of you) have already been through pregnancy
  3. Many of my readers (the few of you) haven't experienced pregnancy 
  4. There isn't really too much to tell
The one "symptom" of pregnancy that I am struggling with are these stupid raging hormones.
I am not a person who gets angry.  Seriously.  There are about three people in my life who have learned how to truly make me angry and I only still speak to one of them.  I could give you some silly explanation like "anger is such a waste of energy" (which I do actually believe) but that's not the REASON I don't get angry.  There isn't a reason.  My feelings get hurt but I'm not very familiar with the emotion of anger.
Until now...
Now, I struggle to bite my tongue over the most mundane things.

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