Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

Please excuse this post if it lacks depth or creativity. As we struggle to start up a new Internet account, my only access to cyberspace is through my iPhone. So I'll write this post to the best of my limited ability.

So 2010 is wrapping up this evening with the standard big bang, falling ball in NYC and fireworks, champagne and midnight kisses. Mi marido y yo will spend it as we typically do: in bed by 9:30 (although last night was a rare night where I was awake at 10:30, shocking I know). My thoughts on 2010 are as follows:
-personally, this year was the best by far. I had a beautiful wedding with my husband that was as intimate as it was personally flavored. We moved across the country for our grand adventure, and in the process, found ourselves expecting our first child.

Well I guess that actually sums it up. I could go on about my opinions politically (really?), religiously (anybody else follow how many trials have been going on with religious leaders?), agriculturally (farm raised bison? Seriously?! And GMO apples?! No thank you), etc. Alas, that's not really the reason why you read my little nugget on the net. Perhaps one day it will evolve into something that has more substance. Maybe it'll join the ranks with some of the other blogs that I follow (all 267 of them).

But for now, it will continue to be what it is.

I welcome 2011 as a year of firsts again. Another year for us to laugh and cry together. A year of more memories than what we can comprehend. And another year to grow in our capacity to love one another.

*and if I get Internet today, I will attempt to post my new years resolutions before bedtime. Even though, I dont really agree with the whole new years resolution thing.

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