Friday, December 3, 2010

Colorado vs. Louisiana

After living in Colorado for three months, I feel like I can now make a somewhat educated comparison of Colorado and Louisiana.  So without further adieu: 
Dry Winter vs. Wet Winter
Although I'm sure there are some benefits to humidity (but for the life of me, I can't think of them right now), there is nothing fun about high humidity when it's cold outside.  Why?  Because it can quickly make 50 degrees feel like 30.  Dry winters rock because let's face it, I like snow and there's nothing better than being able to play in it without a heavy coat on.  I like that I don't need thirty layers before I step foot outside even if it is 30 degrees outside. 
(Note: I do realize that we've barely made it into "winter" here so I assure you I realize that my opinion can change on this shortly).
Mountains vs. ...
Sorry but there's really no comparison.  Having mountains as your scenery every day is absolutely amazing!  The sunsets look like they have about 15 more colors in them and I love driving to work and being able to check out all of the mountains.  It's amazing!
Moving Traffic vs. Sitting on the interstate
I don't miss BR traffic at all.  AT ALL.  There's nothing worse than being stuck on the interstate and cars NOT moving an inch and then an hour later finally passing up the blockage and realizing it's just a bunch of idiots slowing down to get a view of the wreckage!  STARING AT IT WILL NOT MAKE IT BETTER AND BY SLOWING DOWN SO YOU CAN STARE COULD POTENTIALLY CAUSE ANOTHER CAR CRASH!  (I obviously have not gotten over this).  In Colorado, there is a lot of traffic but at least it MOVES!
speaking of interstates:
Construction work being done vs. ten years in the making of one covered pothole
I have yet to pass a construction site here where there aren't people working on the project at hand.  However, in BR, I can remember countless times driving on I-10 and wondering why the hell there hasn't been any progress in one year?  ONE YEAR!!!  GET ON YOUR TRUCKS AND DO SOMETHING!

Courteous drivers vs. assholes
PerBear used to get SO angry with people in BR (and I'm certain he still is) because so many times he'd let people into the line of traffic and he'd get no wave or recognition for being courteous.  I'm happy to report that every person that I have allowed to merge into my lane of traffic or go ahead of me, they always wave!  It's so pleasant!  So instead of second guessing my choice of letting them in, I wave back and smile!
Outdoors vs. Indoors
Let's face it.  In Louisiana, the list of things to do outdoors is short.  Now, I know there are some of you who want to argue (I agree...crabbing is tons of fun and I'm sad that I haven't done it in years) however, the REASON the list is so short is because the MISERABLE heat and humidity makes it difficult to truly enjoy the outdoors in Louisiana (unless there is an ice chest with beer).  I love that in Colorado it's still pleasant enough to do things outside even in the beginning of December.  For instance, Eric went on a hike today.  There's also the long list of winter sports to do.  And we all remember my post about going rafting earlier in the fall.  
Vineyards and Breweries vs. One Brewery (?)
Colorado is littered with Vineyards and Breweries.  We've only been able to visit the Coors Brewery so far (back in February) however, I know that there are multiple all over this great state.  Louisiana has Abita (there may be others but I don't know of them and I'm too lazy to do the research).  
Don't get me wrong.  I miss some things about Louisiana that I know Colorado cannot compete with (i.e. food, best friends, family).


  1. Thank you for posting this. We currently live in Texas but where we are we are not having good luck. I would love to move to Denver where my bestie is and good opportunities. But on the other hand my hubbys family is in Louisiana. We both want different places but dont want to be apart to do it. So again thank you for posting this. Maybe if I show him this he will change his mind.

  2. You're welcome!!! Hopefully, you'll be able to change his mind. We don't regret the move ever. After being here for over a year, we are still so thrilled that we moved here.


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