Sunday, July 25, 2010


As mentioned in the previous post, here are the top 5 things to keep me busy while Eric is away taking the bar:
  1. Lots of time to work on Accounting
  2. Lots of time to clean.
  3. Lots of time to get some crafting done (have I mentioned my "big project"? No?)
  4. Lots of time to start the painting for Charlotte
  5. Lots of time to do some job hunting.
Just to bring everyone up to speed, here are some details about the top 5.

I started an independent study course on Accounting before the wedding; however, with all of the craziness that comes with wedding planning and getting married, it had to be put on the back burner for a while. I'm just really getting back to it at this point. I have 4.5 more lessons to complete (.5 because I'm almost finished with lesson 8) and two more tests. The plan is to take those two tests right before we move so that I have everything complete.

Clean: Sure this might seem self-explanatory but considering that we are moving, it's a little more in depth than the regular every day cleaning. I've done the front rooms of the condo. I already spent an hour and a half cleaning the oven and stove today. I'm beat.

Crafting: So here's my big project:
(for whatever reason, the picture won't upload straight to the blog)
Each square takes at least an hour to make. I'm pretty excited about it!

Painting: eh. That's self-explanatory.

Job Hunting: Again, self-explanatory.

I'm going to run off and enjoy the rest of my coffee and look up some things on the internet. Thanks for dropping in!

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