Saturday, July 24, 2010

The end is near...

The bar exam in Colorado starts on Tuesday. That means that Eric will be flying out to Colorado today.

The bar exam is two days long, the first day being 7 hours and the second day is 6 hours long. Needless to say, it is not to be taken lightly.

However, I have a lot of faith in Eric and what he is capable of. I know that he'll pass the exam.

It's too bad that we'll have to wait til October to find out if he did in fact pass the exam.

So what does that mean for me for the next 5 days?
  1. Lots of time to work on Accounting (by the way, I did get an A on the first exam. Yay me!)
  2. Lots of time to clean (yeah right).
  3. Lots of time to get some crafting done (have I mentioned my "big project"? No?)
  4. Lots of time to start the painting for Charlotte (going to buy the paints needed this afternoon)
  5. Lots of time to do some job hunting.
So there you have it. My top 5 things to do to keep myself busy while Eric is gone so that I don't climb the walls. I'll post more details about the top 5 in the next 24 hours.

Hunkering down for Bonnie commences tonight!

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