Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with "Le List"

Update on Eric: I spoke with him a little while ago. Day one has gone really well! He feels really good about the part of the bar exam that he took today. Oddly enough, two classmates of his were there taking the Colorado bar as well! Tomorrow is 2 sections with 100 multiple choice questions.

I'm a big fan of quizzes/lists. As cheesy as they are and as many different ones as there are, I like them. One of the many blogs that I followed posted this list this morning and I figured "why not?"

1. Mood: Content although slightly anxious.

2. Finish this sentence: Without makeup I would: Have less fun with my appearance. I wear it for the fun aspect of it, not because I'm trying to hide.

3. What are some staple pieces in your wardrobe? My brown flats that Sarah gave me (thank you again!) and the two pairs of jeans that I wear ALL THE TIME!

4. Three things that you would probably never guess about me:

1) I have a serious issue with wet paper.

2) I won't eat certain things because of their texture (i.e. jello)

3) I'm a hazard on the road sometimes; not because I drive recklessly or get distracted by my phone a lot, but because I have a tendency to dance too hard and lip-synch if a good song comes on (especially Mariah Carey songs...those are the most dangerous).

5. What would you like to get done today? I'd like to win at Nerts tonight at the Lee house. Or at least get more than 50 points!

6. What were your favorite TV shows as a kid? Hands down: Saved By The Bell. I am the trivia queen. Try me!

7. Can you skateboard? No. I remember trying once but failing miserably.

8. I really want... to be baking right now. Specifically: focaccia.

9. Do you like horror movies? I used to! I used to LOVE horror movies, especially old horror movies (Dolly Dearest anyone?). But I think I allowed my overactive imagination get the best of me over the years and I'm easily scared now. So, no. I might (and that's a big MIGHT) watch one every now and then but not often. Besides, many of the horror movies put out now seem overdone to me anyway. Who hasn't seen a slasher movie??

10. Weekly goals: get at least 4 workouts in by Saturday (which will be hard since I haven't gotten 1 in yet), finish Chapter 9 in accounting, get the bathroom deep cleaned, bake focaccia.

Whoot! Short and sweet!

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