Sunday, July 10, 2011

Useless Kitchen Stuff

Disclaimer: This post is totally my opinion.  There are plenty of people out there who will COMPLETELY disagree with the items I chose for this post (my mom, for instance).  That's totally fine.  Just realize that if I own these (and I own a couple of them), I don't really use them.  And if I don't, I don't want to.  It's a preference thing.  For instance, if you were a one-ply toilet paper kind of person, and I came over with some two-ply for you, you might use the two-ply til it ran out.  But then go back to the one-ply for whatever reason it is that you prefer it (although if you prefer one-ply, for the life of me, I don't think I could ever understand that...this tooshie likes two-ply!).  

Man...that's way too much info...I should probably be sleeping rather than blogging

Moving on...
Item #1: Liquid Measuring Cups
I own one of these.  Just one.  And in the entire time I've had it, which has to have been a while because I don't know how long I've had it, I don't remember EVER using it.  I know my mom used it when she was last here.  Now, truth be told, I MIGHT use it if it wasn't the extra large sized cup (seriously, what recipe has 6 cups of the same liquid??). But that's a big MIGHT.  I find that my regular measuring cups work just fine and my recipes turn out delicious even though I haven't used the fancy scmancy liquid measuring cup.
Item #2: Garlic Press
 Another item I own and do not use.  This is actually an item my mom and I debate on whether it is useful or not.  Me, I prefer the traditional method of mincing my garlic.  You know...using those archaic objects called "Knives".  Mom argues that by using the garlic press, you get the "essence" of garlic rather than chunks of it.  I disagree.  You get garlic MUSH with the garlic press and it seems to me that you lose like half of the garlic through the garlic press.  Not worth it to me.  I'd rather hack away at the clove til it's nice and tiny than quickly squish it into the press.

Item #3: Garlic Peeler
 This one really irks me.  I have a really hard time grasping this.  The photo above is the garlic peeler that came up in my search and sells for $6.99.  Now, I'm not one to really pinch pennies a ton but let's face it.  Six bucks of that price is for the case because the peeler itself is probably worth the $.99.  Or if you are really thrifty, you'll go get a toilet paper roll and use that instead.  No?  My method?  Lay the clove on a hard surface.  Lay your knife across it (blade facing away from want the flat surface of the knife laying across the clove) and then just hit the blade once with your fist.  This helps loosen up the clove so you can peel it.  Ta dah!  Didn't have to buy any fancy peeler with a case for that, now did ya?

Item #4: Pastry Blender
Again, another one that my mom and I disagree on.  I just don't get it.  I use a fork in place of a pastry/dough blender and it seems that my baked goods still pass inspection.  Is there really a perk to having one of these guys?  Exactly what do they do?  Other than be a tool in your drawer that you could really use but you probably don't.

Item #4.5: Rotary Cheese Grater
Allow me to explain the 4.5 on this one.  It's not necessarily the rotary cheese grater or this particular brand of rotary cheese grater that I disagree with.  I disagree with the usefulness of the rotary cheese grater that we have.  I always imagined having a rotary cheese grater and being able to grate cheese the way waiters do in restaurants.  But alas, the rotary cheese grater that we own is not that smooth at all.  Yes it grates the cheese but the cheese never gets pushed through properly so it all ends of clumping together.  Instead, we have two other manual cheese graters that work amazingly well.  So, that's why the 4.5.  I believe grating cheese with a grater is necessary but the particular one that we have sucks.  Therefore, it is useless to me.

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  1. so enough with the kitchen appliances....when do we get the baby story?


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