Friday, July 8, 2011

Ikea Lust

Have I told you the big news?

No I haven't given birth yet.
Yes, I realize that Stephen was due last Saturday.

I don't think he's realized it though.
Moving on...

The big news is that one of my favorite stores is opening a location about thirty minutes away!


Seriously, I couldn't be more thrilled.
Okay well I probably will when Stephen decides he's ready to be born.

Let's hope that's soon...


So here are some of the things that I'm eyeballing at Ikea.

Go here
I think I'd probably make forty pillows with this.  With matching sheets.  And a matching duvet cover.  

too much?  Probably so.

Go here
On one of the many blogs that I follow, the couple has put this pendant lamp in their home and I've completely fallen in love with it as well.  It's funky and fun!  What's not to love about that combo?

Go here
I feel like if I owned this I would never get up or stop reading.

Go here
I love high beds like this because it allows for the space underneath to be used for other things.  Like we could get this for Stephen and he could build his own Lego land underneath.  And when he starts going to school, we could put a desk underneath for him to do his homework.

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