Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's time for a quickie!

For those of you that have been following along faithfully, I want to give a quick thanks to you.

For those of you that just drop by occasionally, thanks to you too!

For those of you that randomly came across this post, muchos gracias tambien.

(hopefully that covers everyone who is reading this)

Feel free to check out our baby story.

My reader is well over 1000 items at this point.  I've gotten caught up to July 19 and still have quite a ways to go.  Why don't I mark all of them as read, you ask?  Because in the back of my head, I can imagine not seeing all the recipes posted to Taste Spotting, or keeping up with Char at Living Well on the Cheap. 

Stephen and I are both still doing very well after his delivery.  He's already met many of the milestones a 1 month old should meet and he's barely two weeks old!  (and yes I am bragging because I'm fairly certain that when you give birth to a baby, your role as a mommy entitles you to excessive and disgusting bragging rights)

I'm working very hard on learning to relax.  That sentence almost doesn't make hard at relaxing.  Riiiiiiight.  Learning to shut off the conversation in my brain is a fine art that I have yet to master.  Especially because the conversation is not a complete dialogue.  It looks something like this:

alsuehrlawuehfjas.dfha/werihawekfba,lsufhksjdfhbakwsuehfalwuehfbjnmsbcvn,xdjfghawleuirtyhalwughfjsbdv,zjdbgf,zsufglawuierflawuerlaksjdbvjmnzxb cvnmxcbvksghawluear;wioeugflaujgakjsdbvmznxcbv,skjfhalwiuegfawluergawluegugrwleurgawlekfbszcvbznmcbz,dfjhaglweuifgawlieutyawlekrughaljfbdkajsdfb,xzjbfvhlauyhrfeo;waiuefhawoefhalwuegflasujdhfjskbv,kmzjsdvb

Yeah you try and sort that out.  If you get it to make any sense, crack that magnificent code, please send me the translation so that I can have a small moment of peace.

The good news is that having this downtime is allowing me time to focus my mind on certain things that need focusing.  Like this blog!!!  There are a couple of other things that I'm working on but I'm unable to disclose at the present moment (no that's not an invitation for you to ask!).   

The important thing to know is that everything is fine and dandy in this house.  

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  1. Thanks for the link love, my friend! I'm excited to hear that you're working to relax! You deserve it!


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