Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

It's getting harder to move now.
That's totally expected though, right?
I'm in my third trimester with Stephen and he's definitely a growing boy.

Have I mentioned how much I love my stand mixer?

Seriously, she's a life saver.
Especially now that the carpal tunnel in my arm is making my right hand numb and tingly periodically throughout the day.

Never fear.  The carpal tunnel is allegedly temporary and just a symptom of pregnancy.

I happen to be one of those pregnant women who get the weird random symptoms.

Unlike my counterparts who suffer from heart burn and leg cramps every night (I've only had one)...
I have headaches on a regular basis and this weird form of carpal tunnel in my right arm.

It's just obnoxious symptoms that I have.  Nothing dangerous and nothing painful.

And in those moments when I might...nay, definitely...dislike pregnancy, something happens.
Stephen kicks me hard enough to make my skin move.

Or he has a bout of hiccups.
I place my hand on my belly and he begins moving right under it, almost like he's trying to reach out and touch me.

It's those moments that thrill me, make me want to cry a little, and up the anxiety that I feel for his arrival.

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  1. Look how yummy!
    Those hiccups are the sweetest thing! They always gave me a giggle!

  2. OMG, those look DELISH! I love hearing all about your pregnancy. How magical!


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