Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love me do...

I realized today that I have a tendency to attach food/drink to memories of people.

Yeah, so I'm addicted to food.  What of it?

As I was saying...

The people who have played important roles in my life at some time or another have distinct memories attached to them.  The majority of these memories involve food or beverages.  

My grandmother made the best root beer floats.  I can't tell you why they were the best and it's possible that it was more of my love and fondness for her that made them the best.  But to this day, A&W Root Beer is my favorite root beer (suck it, Barq's) and always reminds me of her.

My mom's homemade lasagna...I seriously still crave it.  Both of my parents are amazing in the kitchen.  No one's gumbo compares to my dad's and his barbeque...I drool at the thought.  

My first love made me an incredible dinner from scratch for valentine's day.  Impressive for a junior in high school to pull off.  That meal included chicken alfredo, caeser salad, and pumpkin pie.

My two girlfriends, Char and Cas...a good glass of red wine reminds me of them especially if there are fruity notes in the wine.

Jenanen...we had an incredible meal of sushi one night and took the time to describe each role as eloquently as possible.  Of course, many of those descriptions were inappropriate for other people to hear so we giggled like teenagers.

Cc's coffee always reminds me of Jackson and the many hours we spent there together.
Spala and I used to have our dates at Macaroni Grill, consuming more calories than is approved for one day.  But when you are with your girlfriends, who cares?
Baby belly!!!!

Mi this point, which memory do I go with?  That first birthday dinner at the wine tasting?  His unbelievable white chocolate bread pudding?  ( would pay for would).  Scarfing down Izzo's Burritos (we are still desperately searching for something remotely comparable here to no avail).  His delicious homemade spaghetti (he taught me how to make it...sad that I'd never made spaghetti before, I know).  Or, more recently, Reese's peanut butter and sparkling grape juice (my Valentine's Day surprise from him).

I look forward to all of the fond memories we'll make it together.  And all the delicious meals.  

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  1. I've actually just recently started dabbling in homemade spaghetti as well! Quite addictive. I definitely need to be more experimental in the kitchen though.


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